Clear Change® 28 Day Program With UltraClear® RENEW - Berry

Clear Change® 28 Day Program With UltraClear® RENEW - Berry


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Metabolic Detoxification Program with UltraClear RENEW - Berry
(For those concerned with metal toxicity)

The Clear Change 28-Day Program featuring UltraClear RENEW provides a more comprehensive approach to metabolic detoxification than the 10-day program.

It’s an easy-to-follow eating plan with UltraClear RENEW nutritional powder mix and AdvaClear® dietary supplement capsules that will help patients get on track to feel better and more energized. Many people benefit from completing a 28-day metabolic detoxification program once or twice a year.

Metabolic detoxification is a natural bodily process that consists of 3 major detoxification pathways: Phase I (functionalization), Phase II (conjugation), and Phase III (antiporter activity). In this process, fat-soluble compounds must undergo transformation and become water-soluble before they can be excreted.

The 28-day program is ideal for those who present with decreased vitality, individuals who eat a diet heavy in processed food and/or lacking in beneficial phytonutrients , or those who have a sedentary or high stress lifestyle. It is also ideal for individuals who scored >50 on the Metabolic Detoxification Questionnaire.

This convenient 28-day program includes:

UltraClear RENEW *New Formula (Berry, Chai, or Vanilla)—an advanced, specialized nutritional powder mix formulated for metabolic detoxification—including support for alkalinization, balanced liver detoxification capacity, and heavy metal metabolism

• Features a low-allergy-potential rice protein base and is designed to help nutritionally support the detoxification of potentially harmful compounds by the liver and reduce exposure to food allergens

• Free webinar—on-demand presentation from Metagenics clinicians

• Supports Phase I and II detoxification, delivering nutrients to help enhance activities of several liver detoxification enzymes and antioxidants to help support the clearance of reactive intermediary compounds

• Provides advanced support for Phase III detoxification by nutritionally supporting alkalinity and excretion

AdvaClear—supports balanced metabolic detoxification activity and provides antioxidant protection against reactive oxygen intermediates produced during the detoxification process

• Delivers methylated vitamin B12 and folic acid along with nutrients designed to enhance the activities of several liver detoxification enzymes

Free shaker cup—convenient way to mix a nutritional powder
Program guide—easy-to-follow instructions, menu plans, and recipes
Program diary—for patients to track their experience
Free webinar—on-demand presentation from Metagenics clinicians
Web-based tools, recipes, FAQs, and sign-up for daily motivational emails at

This convenient 28-day kit includes:
• UltraClear® RENEW (Berry, Chai, or Vanilla) —3 Canisters
• AdvaClear® Dietary Supplement—126 Capsules

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